Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Régulateur Cherry Blossom

A Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre presented the Atmos Régulateur ‘Cherry Blossom’ at Homo Faber in Venice. With a clear sense of artistic intention, this new interpretation, the Atmos Régulateur ‘Cherry Blossom’, amplifies the distinctive identity of the clock with balanced proportions and visual harmony allied to fine artistry.

Invented in 1928, the Atmos features a unique mechanism that is driven by tiny changes in air temperature. Since the 1970s the Manufacture has invited a series of leading designers and supporters of the artistic crafts to reinterpret this mechanical masterpiece.

The Atmos Régulateur ‘Cherry Blossom’ is a one-off work of art. Thanks to the Atmos Régulater’s fully-transparent glass cabinet, the clock’s intricate mechanism is on full display. The clock is bordered by a duo of enameled panels that took 200 hours to create and constitutes the largest enamel work Jaeger-LeCoultre has ever undertaken. The movement of this exceptional luxurious piece, conceived and entirely produced within La Grande Maison, is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 582, which is distinguished by its regulator display.

With an architecture defined by circles within circles, the large minutes ring and smaller hours ring are complemented by a monthly calendar and moon-phase display, as well as by the shape of the annular balance that slowly oscillates beneath the displays, along with a moonphase indicator that will remain accurate for 3,821 years. Like all Atmos clocks, the Cherry Blossom is powered by small changes in atmospheric pressure and requires no battery nor winding.

The Atmos Régulateur Cherry Blossom is a one-of-a-kind piece, priced at $272,000. This one is sold, but additional, modified designs can be made to order. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.