McLaren Unveils 3-7-59 Bespoke Livery By MSO

McLaren has unveiled some of its most intricate bespoke livery to date, via the “3-7-59 Theme” 750S, a continued celebration of its 60-year anniversary, paying homage to its historic Triple Crown victories. Crafted by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), this complex design decorates a special McLaren 750S supercar, revealed by a trio of iconic McLaren drivers. The unveiling took place at the Velocity Invitational at Sonoma Raceway, marking one of the most striking moments in McLaren’s 60th-anniversary celebrations.

The name “3-7-59” signifies the race numbers of the victorious McLaren in each of the Triple Crown events. The ‘3’ from the 1974 Indy 500, the ‘7’ from the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, and the ’59’ from the 1995 Le Mans victory all come together in a vivid collage that tells the story of McLaren’s unparalleled success.

The 3-7-59 Theme, a nod to McLaren’s ‘Triple Crown’ motorsport victories, required over 1200 hours of expert painting by MSO’s technicians. This livery is a visual sensation and a storytelling canvas that features more than 20 colors to create its stunning exterior. Six lucky customers already securing unique variations of the 3-7-59 Theme on either a 750S coupe or Spider.

The exterior of the 3-7-59 Theme incorporates over 20 colors, showcasing the expertise of MSO’s paint technicians. Drawing inspiration from the winning cars, the livery intricately weaves together the iconic liveries of the three triumphant vehicles, creating a visually stunning collage that captures the essence of McLaren’s racing history. The 3-7-59 is a masterclass in automotive painting, featuring a multi-colored key fob, a ‘shattered’ front livery inspired by the McLaren MP4/2, and sides that pay homage to the Le Mans-winning F1 GTR. Hidden details, including Easter eggs and the evolving McLaren logo, enrich the narrative woven into the car’s design.

The interior of the vehicle is also filled with bespoke nods to the brand’s illustrious racing heritage, with a special Triple Crown logo stitched to the headrests and etched graphite Alcantara. Other notable details include artwork on the doorsills, pedals and a unique dedication plaque that adds to the exclusivity of the vehicle.