MB&F Unveils The Innovative HM11 Architect

In the ever-evolving world of luxury watches, MB&F has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the introduction of the HM11.  The only watch ever created where the entire case can make a 360 degree pivot to change its display and wind the watch. With four apertures, each revealing a different aspect of the intricate mechanism within, this timepiece offers a visual experience unlike any other.

It is built like a house, with four separate rooms, each “room” houses a different function: one for the power reserve, one for the time, one for the temperature reading, and another for the time-setting crown. Underneath, the in-house HM11 engine hums away, its cadence set by the 2.5Hz balance of the flying tourbillon. Plates and bridges are coloured with a physical vapour deposition (PVD) process, coming in ozone blue or the warm solar hues of 5N gold. HM11 is at its maximum autonomy of 96 hours. 

A central flying tourbillon forms the heart of the house, pushing skyward under a double-domed sapphire roof. The entire structure rotates on its foundations delivering power to the barrel and winding the watch. This innovative element not only captures attention but also showcases MB&F’s dedication to creating watches that transcend the ordinary.

The materials chosen to represent the two launch editions of HM11 Architect are titanium and sapphire crystal. The complex case, that is water resistant to 20 meters, consists of 92 individual parts, including an unprecedented transparent sapphire crown equipped with eight gaskets to ensure its dust and water resistance. In total, the titanium case consists of 19 gaskets and multiple anti-reflective sapphire crystals on top, back and each room display. 

Every detail was considered, so it’s no surprise the piece was 5 years in the making. Only 50 pieces will be made. There will be 25 in titanium with a ozone blue plate and white rubber strap and 25 in titanium with a red-gold plate (warm solar hues) on an army green rubber strap, each of the 50 pieces retails for $230,000.