St. Regis New York. The famed property has just launched a new Bentley fleet of house cars with at twist. It’s not just any Bentley fleet, either; this is one with a separate car for day and night the only Bentley house car service in the world to do this, although if you have enough money to buy a fleet of Bentleys, why wouldn’t you switch them up when night falls?

By day, get to business meetings, private shopping appointments or just cruise the town in the Moonbeam Silver Flying Spur. By night, enjoy the perfect ride to dinner or the theater in the Bentley Belgua Black Mulsanne. And if that isn’t enough over-the-topness for you, don’t forget the hotel also has a Bentley Suite, designed by a tag team from the hotel and car company together.

Both vehicles were designed exclusively for the St. Regis as part of a partnership with Bentley. Both Bentleys are available 9am-9pm for guests on a first come, first served basis, and they’ll take you anywhere within a 10-block radius of the hotel.

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