Wayaland: The incredible Floating Pyramid Community Of The Future

Architect Pierpaolo Lezzerini is creating his own Waterworld with the Wayaland Floating Community, vision of a buoyant city on the water mixes Mayan and Japanese architectural influence. Multiple modules can be paired together, housing spas, shops, and restaurants to create an entire city.

A collection of island domiciles constellate the city; solar powered pyramids float on the water surface, anchored to the ground and able to be adjusted in position by mounted engines on their bases. Don’t take a gondola into town, instead take one of the capsule-like speed boats of which Wayaland boasts an armada.

Currently, there are models for a suite, a villa, a club, and a hotel but their modular design allows for their function to be flexible. The tallest pyramid in the small city stands at 30 feet above the water level. Crowdfunding is currently underway and the first building is expected to be completed in 2022.