To celebrate the release of the Lamborghini Urus, Collezione Automobili Lamborghini is introducing new special edition products created with three different designers: Enzo Bonafè, Hettabretz and Tecknomonster.

Tecknomonster has created 2 four-piece sets of luggage made from carbon fiber, all designed to fit snugly into the trunk of the Urus Super SUV. Each set includes four suitcases. Meanwhile Hettabretz, a company noted for their exquisite leather outerwear, has created a new suede jacket that feature the hexagonal pattern that Lamborghini is known for. Only 30 examples of this jacket will be created.

From footwear designer Enzo Bonafé are a new pair of moccasins inspired by the Urus. These are available in three different colors, that feature Lamborghini’s tricolor on the heel.