Hoverbikes For Dubai Police Are Coming In 2020

Dubai Police may soon be patrolling the streets with hoverbikes. Last year, they announced that they were looking at adopting functional hoverbikes as a way to cruise over tight traffic. They’re now being trained to fly Hoversurf’s S3 first production unit Hoverbike after taking delivery from the Watsonville, California-based tech firm in October, the company says. Which they’re hoping to actually implement full time in 2020.

The S3 2019 Hoverbike model is exactly what it seems with a vertical take-off and landing abilities this is the first step in high tech law enforcement. The Hoversurf S3 come with a max speed of 60 mph. However, the S3 can only sustain a maximum of 25 minutes flight time with a pilot and up to 40 minutes when it’s in drone mode.

While the Dubai Police may be Hoversurf’s biggest current customer, anyone can order one of the S3 2019 hoverbikes for $150,000. Hoversurf has gotten approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for the vehicle.