78M Slipstream: new superyacht concept from Nauta Design

Italian yacht designers Nauta Design has revealed a new 78 metre superyacht concept named Slipstream. The project embraces many of the design ideas from the Italian studio’s earlier 70- metre Moonflower concept, which advanced in its design and engineering process.

The Nauta 78M Slipstream, stays true to these ideals. Actually, it takes them up a notch, with a patent-pending “Island,” an underwater viewing lounge, and more. The stunning new superyacht concept includes light-filled and airy interiors, clean and crisp lines, seamless and harmonious inside/outside connection with breathtaking views.

While guests are using the beach club and the island, they’ll appreciate the sea-water pool, which has been integrated into the stern platform, being able to close flush with the deck to provide her 12 guests with outdoor space. Abundant glass onboard keeps the Nauta 78M Slipstream neat and bright, while gentle curves add interest without fussiness. More glass characterizes the front of the beach club, which also includes the above-mentioned Island. The way the multiple platforms fold down forms a virtual teak-topped land mass nestled around the aft end. 

Nauta 78M Slipstream can accommodate up to 12 guests and offering 734 square meters of living space. When the owners want some private time, they can retire to their private deck. It occupies the upper deck, featuring an infinity pool that, in combination with settees to each side, Nauta Design likens to an “infinity nest.” This sits at the base of the touch-and-go helipad. The suite further contains a private saloon, rimmed with full-height glass.

Slipstream will be powered by a hybrid-diesel-engine. Four 1,081 kW generators and two 500 kW generators will provide the power. In addition, she should be capable of range of 5,000 nautical miles at  an economic speed of 12 knots. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.