Hermès Limited Edition calligraphed bottle Design “Agar Ébène” Fragrance

Luxury fragrance and fashion house Hermès announced two new, limited edition variations of Agar Ébène. Formulated by Christine Nagel in 2018 for the ‘Hermessence’ collection, the olfactory composition is now available in a unique bottle adorned with a verse of Rashid Al Khadar. 

Tasked with the job is Arabic calligraphy artist Mohammed Mandi Al Tamimi who notably inscribed the text on the qibla wall inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi to reproduce the poem on the perfume bottle.

Both bottles feature the mysterious, olfactory fragrance that consumers know and love. But, the first bottle will feature the poem inscribed on the side of the bottle itself. The remaining aspects of the bottle will stay completely original.

The second variation features a gorgeous, plum-coloured sleeve that holds Al Tamimi’s interlaced script is engraved with precision, that envelops the spray bottle in its 100ml size. Enhanced with 24-carat gold, only 76 pieces of the special leather sleeve are available to shop. Similar to the first variant, the fragrance will hold its olfactory juice with simply two notes, Balsam Fir and Agarwood.

The Hermès ‘Agar Ébène’ limited-edition calligraphed bottle will be available in select Hermès retailers around the world this month.