Andy Warhol’s Patek Philippe Timepiece Is Going Up for Auction

Christie’s is presenting a show entitled Important Watches, which is landing in New York City December 1. Among the prestigious timepieces set to grace the auction block, two Patek Philippe watches stand out as stars of the show. One of them, a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Ref. 3448, carries with it a unique and storied history, having once adorned the wrist of the legendary artist Andy Warhol. 

Warhol’s work, known for its elements of commercialism and celebrity culture, has fetched large sums at auction—his 1964 Shot Sage Blue Marilyn became the most expensive piece of American artwork in 2022 when it sold for $195 million. Warhol himself was a prolific collector, and not just of fine art, his vintage Patek Philippe watch is not just rare; it’s a piece of history. Once belonging to the iconic artist, it was a part of his extensive collection known simply as “Andy’s Stuff.” This collection went under the hammer in 1988, but this exceptional timepiece continued its journey with the original buyer until 2014 when it found a new owner.

This first self-winding perpetual calendar is quite a rare, moon phases also adorn the satiné opalin dial, which is attributed to dials made by Stern Freres and the 18-karat yellow gold case is in its original condition. It is estimated to fetch between $350,000 and $600,000 at auction. It was cleaned and preserved by Patek Philippe in the mid-1980s. The combination of its storied provenance and superb condition makes it “one of the most individual and exclusive of the great classic to be offered at auction,” according to Christie’s.

The 18-karat gold case is equally impressive, in original and crisp condition, reflecting minimal use over the years. It proudly displays clear hallmarks and sharp, well-defined edges.