Versace Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Versace’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection has just been debuted at Milan Fashion Week. With thumping music, bright red floors, strobe lights, Donatella Versace created the chicest club in all of Milan with her Autumn/Winter 2022 runway.

The show opened with a tailored all-black look: a corseted blazer paired with matching long black trousers and sultry latex gloves. Suiting, corsets, and latex remained present throughout the subsequent looks in the form of jackets, dresses, and tights.  The collection also featured Versace’s take on the Y2K fashion trend, with colored sunglass lenses, low-rise denim, and beaded and chained tops. 

The color palette of the collection was seductive, with deep reds, purples, and olive green punctuating the all black looks. Many outfits were monochromatic, elongating several of the models’ figures. True to the Versace name, the collection included countless prima-donna bags, golden belts and chains, and giant pearls, from drop earrings to rings.

This year’s look overall is brighter, shinier, and maybe a bit more seductive, created for a post-pandemic world. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.