Bouvet Marine Introduces the World’s First Hyper-Jet

French company Bouvet Marine has designed the Supermarine MM01, the world’s first hyper-jet. A two-seater watercraft with an ultra-high performance electric motor. Only 30 such watercraft will be made, which makes sense considering production time for just one is of 500 man hours.

The exclusive jet ski is available in two versions: the Supermarine MM01 Nacre and the Supermarine MM01 Black Edition. Both measure 3.5 meters long, 1.3 meters wide, and 1.1 meters high.

The futuristic-looking MM01 will be powered by a 300hp electric motor generating 220kw of power. In theory, this would allow the jet ski to blast through waters at a top speed of 75 mph, and the company advertises an “autonomy” of 2 hours tops. Power will come from a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack with ultra-fast charging at the dock, or directly on board a ship in just 50 minutes.

There’s real leather lining the interior of the spacious trunk, and a champagne holder under the two-seater saddle. Bouvet Marine will test the jet ski at the beginning of spring, and it is expected to reach the retailers by 2024.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.