Bugatti, Larry Sands Debut Eyewear Collection

Bugatti continues its push from cars into a luxury lifestyle brand with a new eyewear collection designed by Larry Sands to create 37 different pieces. 

The collection, which Bugatti descibes as “daring, bold and trendsetting”, debut at a private event in Milan, Collection One includes nine styles, from classic to modern, with a mix of high-end materials that runs the gamut from palladium to carbon fiber to Macassar ebony. The new collection also uses the famed red enamel Macaron, designed to mirror the timeless grille pattern on each Bugatti’s horseshoe radiator. 

Each piece is produced in Japan, utilizing processes not unlike those Bugatti uses to create its ultra-high-end cars. The Bugatti eyewear collection will be available to purchase via Bugatti’s website in the coming months. Price between $1,295 and $15,000.