Steamer 888 Superyacht Concept 

The Art Deco design style made waves in the early-20th century, and some may argue that its era is long gone, but if there’s one design movement that demonstrates staying power better than any other, it’s Art Deco. Art Deco features like aerodynamic curves, stylized geometric patterns, and bold metallic colors have also been successfully applied to shipbuilding. The latest superyacht design with Art Deco influences is the Steamer 888.

Yacht designer Christian Leyk’s 289-foot yacht is just a concept for the time being, but it perfectly illustrates how well the design style’s strong colors, layered shapes, and rectilinear geometry translate to yachting. Steamer 888 name is inspired by the steam trains of the 1930s. The chrome “radiator” on the front of the sundeck cocktail bar and the curving chrome handrail on the yacht’s floating staircase pay homage to trains, specifically the Henry Dreyfuss-designed New York Central Hudson 4-6-4 steam locomotive. The Art Deco design language can also be recognized in the technical storage box underneath the mast, which has the shape of a 1950s classic Dualite toaster and even comes with air ribs for ventilation.

Another noteworthy design element with Art Deco influences is the curved, raised swimming pool on the main deck aft with a mosaiced floor. Covered in white ceramic tiles with looped step handles, it bears more than a passing resemblance to British public bathhouses. The tiles continue onto a sunken floor area, which Leyk says can be used as a water feature to reflect sunlight or kept for decoration.

The tri-deck yacht may look like a vintage model, but the superyacht 888 packed it with modern amenities. Glass balustrades and extensive glazing throughout allow a deep connection with the sea, a frosted glass floor on the sundeck shines light on the deck below, a full-beam owner’s suite, a beach club with a gym and a touch-and-go helipad.

Though the yacht measures 289 feet in length, it offers a volume similar to a 190-foot to 230-foot vessel. A sleek and narrow fast displacement hull makes the yacht efficient for long-distance cruising.

For the interiors, Steamer 888 is the first collaboration between Iraghi and Leyk.  Designer Silvia Iraghi chose to accentuate the Art Deco theme, through the use of rounded furniture and soft shapes, which create a luxurious ambiance. Moreover, the interior spaces seamlessly connect with each other, giving a sense of fluidity and openness.

For Steamer 888, made of polished aluminum tender powered by a repurposed aircraft engine.