Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘Golden Era’

BUGATTI has revealed a one-off CHIRON Super Sport called the “Golden Era” ahead of Monterey Car Week, sporting beautiful murals on the car’s flanks that celebrate Bugatti’s heritage. The process of designing the Golden Era took two years, with the company describing it as “the most challenging bespoke project that Bugatti has ever undertaken.”

This masterpiece pays tribute to Bugatti’s greatest hits and marks the end of production of the legendary W16 engine. The coupe gets a special paint scheme that took over 400 hours to complete. It features hand-drawn sketches, showcasing iconic BUGATTI models and the company’s headquarters in Molsheim.

The visionary behind the ‘Golden Era’ project saw the Chiron Super Sport as a symbol of a watershed moment in the automotive world and sought to pay homage to Bugatti’s storied legacy. With Bugatti’s design team as collaborators, a proposal was developed that beautifully encapsulated the brand’s unique journey through history, celebrating its most iconic and extraordinary creations. The result? The awe-inspiring ‘Golden Era.’

Based on a CHIRON Super Sport, the Golden Era boasts a 1,578hp, 8.0-liter, W16, quad-turbocharged engine and special long-tailed carbon-fiber bodywork from the Super Sport 300+.

The heart of the ‘Golden Era’ project lies in the meticulously hand-drawn sketches that adorn the car’s exterior. A total of 45 sketches depict pivotal moments in Bugatti’s history, with 26 sketches on the passenger side capturing the milestones of Bugatti’s early years, including the opulent Type 41 Royale and the exquisitely designed Type 57 SC Atlantic. 

The canvas for this masterpiece is a bespoke shade of gold named ‘Doré,’ elegantly complemented by a gradiented metallic variant of ‘Nocturne Black.’ This bespoke color palette provided the foundation upon which the sketches were hand-drawn, an artistic process that required patience, ingenuity, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. On the passenger side, the 26 hand-drawn sketches include iconic cars like the Type 41 Royale and Type 57 SC Atlantic. There are also depictions of planes, a train, the company’s chateau headquarters in Molsheim, and signatures from Jean and Ettore Bugatti.

The driver’s side displays 19 sketches detailing Bugatti’s history since its revival by Romano Artioli in 1987 and subsequent purchase by the Volkswagen Group in 1998, through 19 sketches that encapsulate the brand’s rebirth, with the legendary W16 engine taking center stage.

The Chiron Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ is beyond comparison in the scale of its bespoke ambition; a project that could only have sprung from the minds of true Bugatti enthusiasts, and one that could only have been finished to such a perfect level of detail by the craftsmen in Molsheim. The car now awaits an official handover to its owner at Monterey Car Week.