$1,500 Smart Mirror Puts The Gym And The Trainer In Your Living Room

A new interactive home gymnasium has been unveiled this month created by a startup called MIRROR “Mirror Interactive Home Gym”. It serves as a standing or wall-mounted mirror when not in use, but turn it on and the LCD behind the reflective surface springs to life, connecting you with professional trainers in stereo sound, camera, and mic and offers a range of fitness classes and one-on-one training. The entire system is controlled by a companion app, keeping the mirror fingerprint-free.

MIRROR launches today with more than 50 new streaming workouts each week, produced in part with instructors across categories. Cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates, barre, boxing, and stretch classes will be available in levels ranging from beginner to expert, and it syncs with Bluetooth heart rate monitors or Apple Watch to track your ability to achieve, maintain and recover from target heart rate zones.

Shoppers who’d like to try out the MIRROR can pick one up now for $1,495 USD. Take a look at the product in action below.