Tiffany & Co. Unveils Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue

Tiffany & Co. announced the fall expression of Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue. Building upon the legacy of Nathalie Verdeille’s inaugural Blue Book collection, Tiffany & Co.’s Chief Artistic Officer of Jewelry and High Jewelry pays homage to the marine-inspired masterpieces of Jean Schlumberger while delving into his fantastical interpretation of the sea.

“With Blue Book 2023, we saw an opportunity to honor Jean Schlumberger’s legacy by giving new life to some of his most celebrated designs,” said Anthony Ledru, Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany & Co. “These creations have a distinct Schlumberger quality and personality to them, but the designs are all new. We are certain that he would have been as pleased with each masterpiece as we are.”

Often described as the flower of the sea, the Sea Anemone theme honors the dexterity of this creature’s forms. This new addition to the Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue collection features highly innovative design mechanisms such as a bracelet containing diamonds, blue cuprian elbaite tourmalines and turquoise set en tremblant—lending a sense of subtle motion and movement. Other creations are designed with an inverted setting consisting of diamonds with their culets facing out, lending a spiky texture, magnifying the Sea Anemone theme.

Among the standout creations in this fall launch are a Shell necklace adorned with diamonds and a breathtaking blue cuprian elbaite tourmaline weighing over 10 carats, a Pisces necklace featuring an unenhanced orange sapphire of more than 23 carats, a Coral necklace adorned with unenhanced purple sapphires totaling over 37 carats and diamonds, and a Starfish pendant showcasing diamonds and an unenhanced green cuprian elbaite tourmaline weighing over 22 carats.

The fall iteration of the Blue Book 2023: “Out of the Blue” collection makes its exclusive debut at a high jewelry celebration this autumn, inviting admirers of artistry and luxury to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Tiffany & Co.’s masterful creations.