LOUIS XIII x The Wynn Pop-up Boutique Store

LOUIS XIII Cognac’s First-Ever Pop-Up at Wynn Las Vegas: A Taste of Timeless Luxury

In the heart of the vibrant and extravagant city of Las Vegas, the epitome of timeless refinement, LOUIS XIII Cognac makes an indelible mark by unveiling its inaugural retail pop-up experience within the illustrious confines of Wynn Las Vegas, promising a rendezvous with luxury and exclusivity during the much-celebrated Ultimate Race Week from November 8 through November 28, promises to captivate cognac aficionados, discerning clients, and curious visitors alike.

Showcasing a curated selection of the brand’s most coveted offerings. Among these treasures are The Iconic Collection, THE DROP Collection, and the rare and exceptional RARE CASK 42.1. The opulent space will also feature an exclusive selection of bespoke accessories, this is a haven for connoisseurs and collectors. To make your visit truly special, personalized services will be at your disposal.

Exclusivity Personified: The Vegas Edition – Collaborating with artist Lindsay Dawn, the boutique becomes a canvas showcasing the essence of Las Vegas. One-of-a-kind LOUIS XIII decanters, intricately adorned, capture the vibrant spirit and flamboyance of the city, adding a unique touch to each collector’s piece. But the extravagance doesn’t stop there. In addition to regular store hours, the boutique offers private appointments daily from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. These intimate moments are guided by a LOUIS XIII Ambassador, offering you an immersive journey into the heritage and legacy of this iconic brand. To secure your exclusive visit, simply select your preferred date and timeslot via the brand’s concierge calendar, accessible on their website.

Tina Reejsinghani, Vice President of Luxury Brands at Remy Cointreau USA, expressed excitement about this exclusive retail moment, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience during Wynn Las Vegas’ Ultimate Race Week. The partnership between LOUIS XIII and Wynn Las Vegas promises premier activations and experiences tailored for their luxury-focused clientele.

Steve Weitman, President of Wynn Las Vegas, echoes the sentiment, saying, “We look forward to offering our guests a unique and memorable experience as the home of LOUIS XIII’s first-ever retail pop-up.” He emphasized that this partnership adds another exciting dimension to the already remarkable experiences you can find at Wynn.

Throughout November, LOUIS XIII Cognac will surprise and delight its patrons with exclusive moments. The brand plans to introduce two tasting lounges within the exquisite Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas and the elegant Cathédrale during Ultimate Race Week—a testament to their commitment to offering unforgettable, sensorial experiences.