The Macallan Edition No. 3 is a new limited edition whiskey uniting the worlds of whisky and perfume to reveal the complexities of single malt character. For perfecting its new whisky, the brand has partnered with none other than master perfumer and famed historian Roja Dove.

Continuing the diverse story of The Macallan’s oak casks and obsession with wood, the focus has remained on the commitment introduced with Edition No.1 and Edition No.2 to unlock the intricate workings of the whisky-making process. Edition No.3 exposes the detail of its creation for true transparency and showcases the absolute skill of the Master Whisky Maker.

As one of the world’s most respected Master Perfumers whose brand Roja Parfums is at the pinnacle of the fragrance industry, Roja Dove provided his remarkable sensory knowledge and experience to describe distinctive aromas in particular oak casks. Subsequently, Bob Dalgarno utilised this articulation of aromas to select dominant notes to help shape the final character of Edition No.3.

The Macallan Edition No.3. For curious souls, the new Macallan whisky comes with whiffs of vanilla, oak, bourbon, floral notes, green apple, and fruit cake, with its palate being ingrained with more fruit cake, apricot, pear, and green apple.

While Edition No.1 in the series had combined eight different casks of both European and American creation, the second edition was created through collaboration with the three Roca brothers behind El Cellar de Can Roca. However, it’s the latest version that lays most emphasis on aroma, that truly is of essence to scotch whiskey. Around 250,000 bottles of the Macallan Edition No.3 are manufactured, each of which will retail for approximately $95.

With an ABV of 48.3%, Edition No.3 is a sensory journey of flavour and aroma intimately entwined. An alluring whisky that challenges expectations and reflects the artistic genius of the collaborators who united to curate this distinctive single malt.