BEHOLD: A $1,200 La Prairie’s New Platinum Rare Night Elixir Face Serum

La Prairie skin products are decadent, rich and packed with exotic and rare ingredients that promise you the best skin of your life. They are often joined by brands such as Sisley—with its premium Sisleÿa and Supremÿa lines—and Valmont along with a handful of other boutique brands. But La Prairie’s ultra-premium Platinum Rare collection has become the gold standard.

The company’s newest rejuvenating unguent called the Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir ($1,200), which goes on sale beginning February 1. According to the brand, this product is their most powerful rejuvenating product and is the first to support the four functions essential to the skin’s complete regeneration process, helping it to detoxify and be nourished, to breathe and boost its own immunity.

It should be no surprise that La Prairie knows what it’s doing, having been at the cutting edge of cellular rejuvenation research since 1931 (when Dr. Paul Niehans first launched Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland). Niehans created the brand’s proprietary complex which is still at the core of its formulas today. The Platinum Rare Night Elixir is the product of extensive research by La Prairie labs and promises to reawaken and transform the skin.