Pagani Zonda S art car by Shalemar Sharbatly

Foglizzo leather has teamed up with Saudi painter and artist Shalemar Sharbatly to transform a Pagani Zonda. The vibrant mix of swirls and a variety of colors makes the supercar quite an eye-catching machine.

Choosing passion as the theme of the project, the two Italian brands are proud of their craftsmanship, while Sharbatly is famous for her moving art concepts with a wide use of vibrant colours through special brush strokes.

She uses different shades on each section of the Zonda. The front predominantly features a mix of blue and green but has touches of purple highlights. The driver side has cool shades of cerulean and sapphire, and the passenger side looks warmer with a mix of red, orange, and maroon. Sharbatly mixes these color motifs at the tail. It’s a beautiful look for the already stunning supercar, and this Zonda would be amazing to see on the road. On the passenger side of the Zonda, Shartbatly has used a mixture of reds, pinks, purples, blue, and a splash of yellow to create an intrinsic design fitting of a vehicle as legendary as the Zonda.

Foglizzo also takes this opportunity to promote its latest technology in creating any shade of colour for its leather to meet the client’s request.