Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades Collection Lands In Houston

For a limited time, starting from today, Louis Vuitton displays its highly-acclaimed Objets Nomades at Houston Galleria Store through March 7. Designers included in the collection are Atelier Oï, Campana Brothers, Damien Langlois-Meurinne, Raw Edges, Patricia Urquiola, India Mahdavi and Tokujin Yoshioka.

The designers cite nature, the power of luck, beauty and a desire to explore as inspirations for their pieces, and are always mindful of the LV legacy in their hands. All of the designers used Louis Vuitton leather in their home furnishings, which range from outdoor swings to chairs, stools, tables and lamps. The full collection has 25 pieces, and 15.

Available for purchase and/ or special order are:

• Hammock by Atelier Oï
• Spiral Lamp by Atelier Oï
• Tabouret Stool by Atelier Oï
• Concertina Chair by Raw Edges
• Concertina Table by Raw Edges
• Totem Floral by Damien Langlois-Meurinne
• Cocoon by Fernando & Humberto Campana
• Blossom Stool in white and gold by Tokujin Yoshioka