Hidden Valley Is Giving Away a $35,000 Jewel-Encrusted Bottle of Ranch Dressing

Hidden Valley’s popular ranch dressing is getting the royal treatment. For ranch lovers, simply getting the condiment for free with your wings or pizza is normally call for celebration—but Hidden Valley wants to make National Ranch Day extra special this year by giving away a one of a kind bottle of the creamy dressing.

The company announced on Thursday that they will be kicking off the holiday on Saturday by offering up a jewel-encrusted bottle valued at $35,000. Topped with a crownlike bottle cap, the bottle is studded with diamond, sapphire and 18-karat white gold. In addition to the food holiday, the fancy bottle is also meant to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Ranch fans can win the valuable bottle by retweeting Hidden Valley’s post about it between March 10 and May 19.