YXXI Yacht Design Reveals 127m Superyacht Concept Project #4

The French studio YXXI Yacht Design has unveiled their latest superyacht concept: The 127-metre Project #4. With the aim of reflecting a lifestyle of limitless luxury, lead designer and studio founder Thomas Vuaillat drew on the fields of aerospace and automotive design for inspiration.

On board, Project #4 would accommodate an impressive 30 guests and 46 crewmembers, with the style and general arrangement of the interior spaces adaptable to her owner’s requests. Designed with an active owner in mind, Project #4 boasts multiple options for sport on board. For example, the superyacht sundeck can be converted into a sports court, suitable for tennis, basketball, football, badminton or golf, while the walkaround bridge deck can be used as a 200 metre running track.

Other key features include a 30-seat movie theatre and a superyacht helipad on the foredeck with a maximum diameter of 11 metres.

As for the yacht’s propulsion, Project #4 could be driven by either a diesel-electric or traditional diesel system supplemented by an electric azipod, with both offering the option for silent cruising.