Rand Leisure 28 Electric Boat

Copenhagen based manufacturer, Rand Boats, has been paving the way in the realms of sustainable boating for some time now.  The latest evidence comes in the form of the Leisure 28, which features sleek Scandinavian design.

With an all-new e-drive stern propulsion system that comprises an “ultra-high efficiency permanent magnet” 240-kW motor and modular lithium battery pack at up to 120 kWh  that maxes out at 45 mph with a range of up to two hours. Rand says not only sets a new standard for electric performance but should also make its latest e-boat a viable alternative to fossil-fueled powerboats.

Designed for incredible comfort on the sea, the Leisure 28 holds an ultra-lightweight hull optimised for performance. Sustainably produced with “… vacuum infused composite hybrid…”, those who choose to go the Rand way have the option to select an advanced electric engine system that virtually runs silent.

Amenities include a built-in adjustable table with seating for up to 12, that can be collapsed to form the base of a “kingsize” sun lounge. There’s a touchscreen entertainment system at the helm, a built-in kitchen and bar in the cockpit, a bathing platform to the rear of the boat and, below deck, the sleeping quarters feature a queen-sized bed.

The Leisure 28 Electric is expected to be available in the coming months for starting price of €178,000 (about US$195K). Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.