Super-Rare BeoSound 1 Wireless Speakers Capsule Collection

Bang & Olufsen has announced the release of five one-of-a-kind colors of BeoSound 1 wireless speaker system that will be auctioned off exclusively through Sotheby’s. BeoSound 1 features a sleek conical body that provides exceptional 360-degree sound dispersion. The five lots included in this auction are particularly covetable as each features a unique color that has not been produced beyond these singular examples.

The speaker’s modernist silhouette, created by award-winning industrial designer Torsten Valeur, is sheathed in aluminium – a material that ensures unparalleled acoustics but is hard to work with. Bang & Olufsen’s Danish factory has been at the forefront of aluminium manufacturing since the 1950s.

The colors that these models have, are achieved through a complex technique called anodizing, an art form that has been used in the work of visual artists such as Donald Judd and Robert Ryman. The aluminium body was submerged in an acid bath to give it a uniformly matte finish and then each component was individually dyed.

A special online sale 5–18 July is your chance to get one – or all five – Bang & Olufsen models. | Sotheby’s