Christian Louboutin Unveils Boutique in Miami’s Design District

Christian Louboutin’s make-shift store on the 40th street of Miami’s Design District now finds a permanent structure. Crafted in collaboration with New York-based design firm 212box, the nature-inspired store spans 3,874 sq. ft. at the site of a former temporary location, which first opened in 2009. Featuring both men’s and women’s apparel.

The French fashion brand and design studio 212box chose peeled tree panels that harvested by hand to cover the exterior of the two-storey store, giving it a dark and textural appearance that stands out from the surrounding architecture.

“The materials chosen for the exterior and interior of this two-storey men and women’s retail store, are straight out of nature’s library,” said 212box founder Eric Clough in a statement.

The two-story store also features rough textures across its interior, complete with paler barks like white and gold birch. Red carpeting spans the interior in homage to the soles of the brand’s shoes. Womenswear occupies the ground floor, while the men’s department is housed across the next level, accessible via a central staircase. Stilettos are showcased on glass and golden shelving as well as in arched nooks.

Other fashion brands that have made an architectural statement in the area include Dior, which has a boutique sheathed in curved white concrete panels, and Tom Ford, which is houses in a pleated concrete shop designed by Aranda\Lasch.   Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.