Hermès 2019 “In Pursuit of Dreams” Underwater World Window display In Singapore

Hermès’ window displays have always featured a sense of whimsy, and it’s no different for their latest one. This time, they’re featuring Indonesian artist Mulyana has been roped in by Hermès to put his artistic interpretation of the Maison’s 2019 theme, “In Pursuit of Dreams.”   The result is an immaculately hand-crocheted installation entitled “Irama” (Rhythm).

Known for his immersive creations, Mulyana has created a piece titled Irama (Rhythm), a coral dreamscape imagined as a home for his alter-ego, the Mogus — a portmanteau of “Monster”, “Gurita” (Octopus) and ‘Sigarantang” (a clan name that Mulyana has given the Mogus). Laboriously hand-crocheted, Mulyana presents each installation as a prayer and meditation.

Hermès objects find home within the coral clusters like treasures waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the sea to be discovered: a pair of Quicker white sneakers with the Calèche Vitesse and iconic H print, a men’s cap and a Toodoo pochette, and the Bolide 45.

“Because the success of a rhythm will always be remembered and sung. Just like a dream, it will always be remembered until it can be realized.” – Mulyana

Irama (Rhythm) will be on display until 21 May 2019 at Hermès Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Road.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.