McLaren 620R Revealed As Limited-Edition Race Car For The Road

McLaren continues to expand its Sports Series lineup with a new powerful car today, dubbed the 620R. Essentially a road-legal version of the 570S GT4 race car. The limited-run coupe will be built in only 350 examples.

The 620R takes much of its design cues from the 570S GT4 race car, with an aggressive aerodynamic package, manually adjustable suspension, and optional racing slicks. The M838TE 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine is shared with the GT4 car, but delivers more power as it’s not required to comply with racing regulations and turbocharger management to be reconfigured to achieve 610bhp horsepower and 620 Newton-meters (457 pound-feet) of torque or 49 hp and 20 Nm (14 lb-ft) more than the standard 570S. The 0-60 mph sprint happens in a claimed 2.8 seconds, and top speed is 200 mph.

High levels of mechanical grip are an essential part of the 620R’s track parentage, but it is the car’s aerodynamic performance that elevates it to the status of a road-legal GT4 racer. The adjustable carbon fiber rear wing is the same component fitted to the racer; however, it is raised 320 mm (12.5 in) into the cleaner airflow above the vehicle to increase downforce while minimizing drag, the wing is road legal thanks to its newly incorporated third brake light. 

While the rear wing quite literally stands out as an obvious distinguishing feature on the 620R, it is not the only component adapted from the GT4’s aggressive track specification to meet road homologation standards. The front bumper, splitter and bonnet have been redesigned – the splitter retaining pronounced aero blades and cut-out – while the carbon fibre bonnet has twin nostrils to aid downforce and clean up the airflow over the top of the car. Downforce at the front of the car is further increased by dive planes that create vortices of low-pressure air at track level and help accelerate airflow along the car’s sides, as well as significantly aiding brake-cooling. The dive planes contribute up to 66lbs of downforce as part of the 143lbs delivered by the full frontal aero package.

In addition, the North American model can be specified with a special MSO upgrade package that features a gloss finish Visual Carbon Fibre roof with a roof scoop to maximize engine intake and exhaust sound, MSO Defined gloss finish carbon fibre roof cantrails and the McLaren Track Telemetry system with lap time function and 3 cameras to record those exhilarating track moments – all at no extra cost.

Production of the McLaren 620R will commence in January, with its starting price set at $299,000 before taxes, options, or delivery fees. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.