Cartier Introduces New Clash de Cartier collection

Adding to its line of timeless luxury accessories such as the Tank Asymétrique watch, Cartier has now unveiled a new line of jewelry dubbed Clash de Cartier.  Comprising a playful mix of studs, clous carres and beads, the range now includes a complete range of pieces in pink gold or white gold and even limited editions with amazonite or coral.

The neo-classical and versatile designs modeled by Kaya Scodelario arrive in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Comprising a pink gold bracelet and necklace, the supple range is fully articulated. The rings can be layered with one another in the Medium and XL styles. Meanwhile, the bracelets boast simplicity with the beads and studs wrapping the wrist for a timeless look. 

The XL range amps up the punkish feel of the collection so fans can choose whether they want to tone it down or turn it way, way up. Clash de Cartier pieces, which are now available at Cartier’s stores. Discover Opulent Club onApple News.