Fendi Caffe and Aventura Pop-Up

To ring in the start of the spring season, Fendi revamps the creative concept for the Fendi Caffe.  The Fendi Caffe at OTL restaurant located in Miami’s posh Design District will be open from March 17 to May 1 modeled after the Fendi Women’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection. 

The cafe was created in collaboration with The Estate and Archive of Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos for a fresh take on disco-age glamour.  In addition to the revival of the Fendi Caffe, the Maison also opened an Antonio Lopez-inspired pop-up in the Aventura Mall. The near 600-square-foot, stand-alone space is also an embodiment of Lopez’s work with his signature graphics splashing across the metal exterior. 

The Fendi Caffe spans over the restaurant’s outside area and the Fendi Boutique, offering the perfect photo op when sipping on a Fendi-branded cappuccino. Decorated with Lopez’s graphics, the standalone pop-up presents the new women’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, as well as other categories, such as the Ready-to-Wear collection. 

A kaleidoscope of warm colors and life-size illustrations, Fendi Caffe is a destination for fashion (and coffee) lovers in the Miami area. The Fendi Caffe will be open from March 17 through May 1 at 160 NE 40th Street in Miami while Fendi’s Aventura Mall pop-up will be open from March 18 to April 20 at 1950 Biscayne Boulevard in Aventura.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple news.