Tiffany & Co Opens New Pop-Up Boutique In Paris

Tiffany & Co has unveiled an experiential year-long pop-up store in Paris amid its global repositioning under LVMH. The new Tiffany & Co luxurious boutique at 34 Avenue Montagne, its circular rooms arranged laid out like a couple of engagement rings, or a drop earring functions as a mini museum and calling card for the American firm’s fine and high jewelry.

The 650-square-foot space opened Saturday for a one-year residency. Among the most eye-catching features in the space are a trio of came-glass Tiffany lamps; a round “engagement hub” twinkling with high-carat rings clenched in turquoise “Marry Me” boxes, and two blue, minimalist paintings by Richard Prince from 2004 and 2005 with Tiffany ads plastered in the upper right-hand corner, just as they appeared daily in The New York Times for decades until recently.

Visitors alight upon the archives, displayed under pyramids of glass or in cases embedded into walls that flash with digital imagery and historical information. The eye goes to a jewelry set made of densely piled pearls — an unsigned design from back in the day when Tiffany & Co. cofounders Charles Lewis Tiffany and J. B. Young were selling fancy goods on Broadway in New York City — and to a spectacularly detailed gold charm depicting the Arc de Triomphe.

Exceptional pieces by George Paulding Farnham, Tiffany’s chief jewelry designer from 1885 to 1908, are also on display, including an enamel orchid brooch and a baroque perfume bottle in gold, rock crystal and precious gemstones. Card cases and cigarette boxes mingle with elaborate jewels, recalling La Belle Époque in France, while midcentury designs by Jean Schlumberger, including the famous Bird on a Rock brooch, point to Tiffany’s modernity.

The second room showcases a host of collections launched since the brand was acquired by LVMH in December 2020. These include the Tiffany City HardWear and Tiffany Knot collections, which are displayed along with the T1 and Victoria ranges, plus designs by the late Elsa Peretti and select high jewelry pieces.

The new pop-up “represents an innovative approach to Parisian shopping and a forward-thinking vision of experiential retail”, a statement from Anthony Ledru, CEO of Tiffany & Co. Discover Opulent Club on Apple news.