Highland Systems Unveils Kronos Armored Submarine

Highland Systems is adding to its fearsome vehicle lineup in extraordinary style, with an 11-seat armored speed demon it calls the Kronos, armored submarine. Nearly 30 feet long and inspired by a ray and dive to the depths of over 800 feet.

The hybrid powertrain makes use of a diesel generator and a water jet propulsion system, which will provide 36-hours of operation in electrical mode with an additional 18-hours with the Diesel engine with a maximum runtime of 54 hours combining the two systems. Combines a diesel generator and 1,200-hp electric jet ski powertrain to hit speeds of up to 50 mph.

It can dive to a working depth of 100 m (328 ft), or a max critical depth of 250 m (820 ft), which is pretty decent in the scheme of things. The air supply is good for around 36 hours. It also has upward folding wings to fit on a trailer, weighs 22,000 lbs, so plan on having a beefy hauler and boasts additional features like adaptive lighting, an automated life support system, and air conditioning. 

The Kronos Armored Submarine maintains an adaptive lighting system on the interior along with a spacious cabin to help passengers feel less claustrophobic. Discover Opulent Club on Apple news.