Rolls-Royce Unveiled ‘The Six Elements’, Featuring Artwork by Sacha Jafri

Sacha Jafri, one of the world’s leading artists, has partnered with Rolls-Royce Motor cars to create the first ever co-branded artist-series Rolls-Royce collection in history. Bespoke series Phantom ‘The Six Elements’ project was initiated by  by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Abu Dhabi.

Inspired by one of the five traditional elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Air, Sacha Jafri’s works of art are showcased in the Gallery, the unique glass-enclosed space running the length of Phantom’s fascia. The sixth. Humanity, references the artist’s best-known work, ‘The Journey of Humanity’, which holds the official Guinness World Record for the largest painting ever produced on canvas. The cars also feature Jafri’s personalized Heart-motif in the hand-painted Coachline, and a unique Six-Elements engraved base for each car’s Spirit of Ecstasy mascot.

Talking about the project, Sacha Jaffri said, “Through my work I aim to combine the power of art with a stripped-back essence of expression, love, empathy, and intention, to inspire a more conscious and intention-filled humanity, striving for a reconnected world; reunited by the common goal of a more hopeful and sustainable future for our planet.” 

As the first ever artist-designed Rolls-Royce Series, Jafri’s ‘Six-Elements Collection’ also features never before seen exterior paint colours, interior detailing, hand-painted ‘Gallery’ dash-boards, bespoke coachline logo, treadplates, disk wheels, viewable QR Codes, flythrough NFT films, and the first ever bespoke created Artist-Designed ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ rising up from the front of each car, with rotating six-elements base. 

The art is showcased in the Gallery, the Phantom’s unique glass-enclosed space. Several other bespoke elements reflect the luxury brand’s capabilities, such as a unique Six-Elements engraved base for each car’s Spirit of Ecstasy mascot or a personalized Heart motif in the hand-painted Coachline. 

All six cars were allocated to customers in Dubai and other cities from the Middle East. Each owner received their car’s unique NFT, which can be sold independently. A royalty is paid with every trade of the NFT, and a digital wallet will raise these funds for future donations.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple news.