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Hermès Slim d’Hermès GMT Watch

Hermès has made some big strides in horology in recent years, thanks to its beautiful Slim d’Hermès lineup. The latest addition, Slim d’Hermès GMT in a slender elegance palladium case, combining travel-ready practicality with beautiful graphic design, typography from noted graphic designer Philippe Apeloig. The mysterious allure of its slate grey dial bearing a deliciously light font is revealed through a smoked glass, its indications moving to the tune of the ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 movement and its exclusive likewise ultra-this GMT module.

The watch features a sub-dial for the second time zone at 10 o’clock, where the numerals are seemingly scattered around, and the GMT hand is advanced one hour by depressing the pusher. Two apertures labeled “L” and “H” represent daytime or nighttime for local and home times by displaying either blue for night or white for day.

At the heart Of the new Slim d’Hermès GMT beats to the rhythm of the ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 movement measuring just 2.6 mm thick, combined with the 1.4 mm of the ultra-thin GMT module exclusively developed by Agenhor for Hermès. Only 90 models are going to be made.