B&O Play redesigns Its Earset Headphones Borrow From ‘90s Design

B&O Play announced a refresh of its Earset earphones. Building upon a design first established by Anders Hermansen in the 1990s, the earphones are said to take particular care with the comfort of their fit.

Using a moveable hook set atop a height-adjusting piston, they allow you to adjust the angle of the earbud, ensuring a comfortable fit. Each is fully adjustable, with the bud sitting on a raising and lowering piston, sitting on a stem that also allows you to tweak its rotation too.

Inside, the earphones make use of a 14.2mm speaker unit and neodymium magnet. Two acoustic vents, a bass port and digital equalizers ensure that that you get great sound performance. The earbud grill helps disperse the sound into your ears equally. The earphones feature a 5-hour battery life, with a USB-C port to charge, and have an in-line remote with a microphone.

The frame is made from durable anodized aluminum, while the drivers sit inside vented cabinets for optimal sound quality. There’s also a three-button remote and mic combo on the cord, a USB-C rechargeable battery that lasts up to five hours per charge, and an included carrying case.

B&O Play’s Earset headphones cost $299 and come in two colorways: a matte black and “graphite brown,” available now, with a matte white and silver arriving on June 1st.