World’s First Craft Beer Hotel Has Just Opened

Beer lovers rejoice for you can now indulge in your passion from the comfort of your own craft beer-themed hotel room. Scottish beer company BrewDog has unveiled 32-room hotel is now inviting guests to “the world’s first beer hotel where you can wake up inside a brewery.” You’ll find the digs in Columbus, Ohio.

Not only will guests be able to watch the brewers at work from luxurious rooms overlooking the facility, but the 32-room DogHouse will feature beer taps in each room and a built-in shower beer fridge. The DogHouse also includes a common area where guests can watch the Scottish company’s own tv show, BrewDogs, enjoy a game of table tennis or socialise with other guests. In addition to the accommodations, there’s also an on-site, interactive beer museum.

Book a room here, and plan your trip to beer-lovers heaven immediately.