Richard Mille Gemset Sapphire RM 07-02

Richard Mille has expressed its new approach to diamonds through colored sapphire unveiling the RM 07-02 Gem-Set Sapphire.  The very long process of fabrication starts with a detailed study of the sapphire’s composition. The machining of each piece of extremely hard and resistant sapphire, hone from a giant block, requires 40 days of finishing. 

Additionally, the sapphire’s deep structure is also examined so as to achieve the exact tone of pink, green or blue chosen by the brand. Richard Mille described how setting each element is ‘a real engineering feat’ requiring a laser operating to the nearest micrometer. This takes twice the time compared to ceramics or Carbon TPT.

The new case highlights the house’s skeletonized movement— in micro-blasted grey gold for the green and blue sapphire versions, and in 5N red gold for the pink sapphire. Similarly, each sapphire color corresponds to a specific ornamental stone on the dial: nephrite for the green sapphire, mother-of-pearl for the blue, and jasper for the pink while a diamond completes each crown.

The piece is wound automatically via its variable-geometry rotor in 18K 5N red gold set with diamonds, ensuring that the winding adapts to the movements of the wearer. The purity of the calibre echoes that of the case, each complementing the other to form a unique timepiece that combines innovation and finesse. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.