Louis Vuitton Is Opening Its First-Ever Restaurant In Japan

Louis Vuitton is opening its first-ever restaurant and café at its new Osaka store.  This is the first time the brand is venturing into culinary waters. Located on the top floor of the brand’s new four-level Osaka maison, Louis Vuitton’s first restaurant will be called “Le Café V”.

The Louis Vuitton Café will open in collaboration with renowned chef Kosuke Suga. There’s also a cocktail bar and outdoor terrace, making it an ideal post-shopping spree spot come spring. The space is outfitted in warm tones and woods with custom design details from Louis Vuitton’s The Objets Nomades, the brand’s furniture and travel collection. 

It is expected to open its doors on February 15, just one day after Valentine’s Day. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.