Vripack 66 Metre Fossil Fuel Free Superyacht Concept Futura

Dutch design studio Vripack renowned for its extensive naval architecture and engineering experience, introduced Futura the new 66m fossil-free yacht concept – the focus was to capture wildlife’s innate ability to freely propel through air and water.

The superyacht’s exterior is a cocoon-like glass superstructure resembles the silhouette of a whale. Exceptionally lightweight, it uses rhombus-shaped framing similar to the scales of a fish.

That’s the beauty of naval architecture,” says co-creative director Marnix Hoekstra. “First and foremost, you should mimic nature in the sense that you use as little energy as possible when crossing through the waves. We were driven by that goal from the outset.

To shift from a conventional deck setup, Vripack designed Futura as a ‘split and merge’ concept. This resulted in a loft-style, split mezzanine configuration that intertwines and interconnects – outside as well as in, upstairs as well as down, all through diagonal side-lines. Each space is versatile. There are a 20-person dining table and a DJ booth set up in the upper deck observation area.

Visibility and ocean views are also a key concern. Co-creative director Bart Bouwhuis said: “We have taken great care over visibility from every position of the boat regardless of whether it’s from the outside to the inside or the inside to the outside or of another deck.” This resulted in a “big crystal palace of glass” at the top of the hull, a “statement piece” that allows guests to “see everything on the boat,” Bouwhuis said.

And because it was designed using virtual reality, adds Bouwhuis, “we were able to combine an interior that is without compromise for the owner blended with an exterior that focuses on sustainability.”

Propulsion meanwhile is focused solely on sustainability. Futura is an electric/diesel hybrid that is designed to run on biofuel made from waste food. The yacht is also equipped with “bio-based batteries made from salt, sand, water and plants,” making them 100% biodegradable. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.